Oyster Boys and Mussel Men

Adding flavour to your wedding!

Oyster Boys and Mussel Men

A few weeks ago we met Robin Dunlop, aka Oyster Boy, who offers an experimental and alternative eating experience at your wedding.  Wearing a kilt, he serves fine oysters straight from a traditional wicker basket.  He was a delightful man to meet and would add a wonderful atmosphere to any wedding party.  The oysters were completely delicious - he can even offer you tabasco and lemon to boot!  Oyster Boy is part of a bigger company called Tempe and Shian who "strive to push the boundaries of food design".  They combine creative food solutions with a boutique and entertaining edge so alongside Oyster Boy there is Mussel Man and Gastronomy Guys (lovin' the tags, guys!)

Their delicious oysters come from a family farm located in the mouth of Loch Creran on the Scottish West Coast.  We urge you to look at their website (www.oysterboys.co.uk) which is fantastic!

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    Wedding Venues

    04 December 2016 at 20:53 | #

    What a fantastic idea to offer oysters at a wedding, would really add something to the day


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