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Weddings at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

A unique and special place to tie the knot in London

Weddings at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

I have been visiting and loving the Ritzy cinema in Brixton for nearly 20 years and so I was especially excited to hear that they have started to host weddings. I'm waiting for some new pics from them, but here is a little  teaser of a recent wedding they had there. I'm sure you'll agree how beautiful and happy Aysha and Luke look.



The Rehearsal Dinner

It's not just an American thing....

London Wedding Venue

It's always been the tradition in the US, and now it is definitely becoming a more popular part of the wedding here too. When I first heard about this, I did initally feel, 'Oh no - but isn't that just another expense? Does it really need to be done?' And the answer is, no, of course not. It's one of those optional extras. However the more I've read about it, the more I get it. The whole point of it is to gather the people who have been involved in the planning of the wedding so they can meet each other before the big day. And it gives the bride and groom an opportunity to show their appreciation for the things they have done - in an informal way. So this is normally restricted to the imediate family, the bestman and the bridesmaids and close friends.

It can be held up to a week before the wedding, but it usually takes place the evening before. I actually think it's a lovely way to spend the night before the wedding. It can be as relaxed as you like, and doesn't even have to be dinner - canapes and cocktails would be very nice long as you don't get absolutely trashed. Not a good look to have a hangover on your wedding day. 

A Big Cheese Wedding Cake

Big Cheese Wedding Cake London

I adore cheese - there isn’t really one I don’t like: hard cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese, washed rind fact I decided long ago that on my fantasy desert island, I’d have an endless supply of cheese and biscuits as my luxury - I’d obviously get vastly fat, but no one would see me, so who cares? Plus the fat might keep me warm at night because I’d certainly be rubbish at making a shelter....

Anyway, it’s a fantasy and never going to happen. And nor do I intend to get married again (very happy with the husband I’ve got) but if I were to, I’d have a cheese cake. Not a cheesecake but a tower of cheeses instead of a cake cake. There is the most wonderful shop called Paxton and Whitfield in Jermyn Street (quite famous but for those who don’t know it, I will elaborate). It’s been in business for over 200 years, 100 of those at this shop. They sell a huge range of British and Continental European Cheeses (over 200!) plus delicious hams, biscuits, wine and real ale. And they produce these mouth watering delicious towers of cheeses and call them ‘celebration cakes.’


cheese shop



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